13 August, 2011

04 July, 2011

past present future

i had a great time this past saturday at the 5th annual firework fiesta at robbins' ranch! saw a lot of old and new faces, ate way too much, and freaked out about all of the amazing fireworks. lauren is in town for a few days and i think we're going to go float the river during the day tomorrow! my birthday happens, i'll go see the last harry potter movie at midnight, then i am going to head to the pacific north west for about a week and a half. i'm having a rock'n summer i just wish it was going by a little slower.

20 May, 2011

the chain drive

let me set this up for you. i went to see tense play last night. their opening act was two girls doing some s+m play. when they were finished i went to the bathroom which was one room with two toilets side by side and a sink. one of the girls who was wearing only the smallest g-string i've ever seen and white duct tape in upside down crosses over her nipples was in there cleaning the fake blood off of herself. i tried to walk out but she told me to come on in, so i said "i am going to pee while you're doing that." i then questioned her further about her fake blood use and was assured that it was easy to clean off. after i was done with my business i left but i can't remember what i said to her before i made my exit.

i'm pretty convinced that my life isn't real.

08 May, 2011

shared dreams

according to dr. stephen laBerge in 'lucid dreaming: the power of being awake and aware in your dreams', "accounts of mutual dreaming (dreams apparently shared by two or more people) raise the possibility that the dream world may be in some cases just as objectively real as the physical world. this is because the primary criterion of objectivity is that an experience is shared by more than one person - a fact supposedly true of mutual dreams."

01 April, 2011

character assessment

"our 'character' consists primarily of the manifestation of our values in everyday life. out attitudes and behaviors are the outward expressions of what we treasure most highly. an understanding and appreciation of our character, therefore, is essential to good mental health. self-knowledge is the most important kind of wisdom. we need to know our strengths, weaknesses, and motives. a 'holistic' reading includes an assessment of character which can provide significant insight as a basis for change." -joan windsor

28 March, 2011

receiving intuitive insights

"each of us would place ourselves in a mildly altered state of consciousness, hold the client's picture or handwriting sample in our left hand, and view, hear, or sense the impressions that flowed into our subconscious minds. these would then be recorded on tape and typed in manuscript form. impressions such as these can be received in a normal state of consciousness, but i find that in a relaxed state impressions flow more abundantly." -joan windsor (excerpt from dreams, healing, expanding the inner eye)

27 October, 2010

as of late

i've been particularly "into" four main things; friends, my pup, and halloween/mailing halloween packages. hope everyone is doing well :)