25 February, 2008


photos by alexis pike.

i have this churning feeling in my stomach, but i cant place it. i don't know why its happening, and i cant seem to understand how it is making me feel. when i think about doing things i don't feel up to any of them. its like i'm unresponsive.

"sleep for twelve hours
dream about home."

24 February, 2008


my life has been totally crazy lately.
i need to take a step back and take a deep breathe and just let everything sink in.

sometimes i don't think this is possible.

21 February, 2008


i'm leaving for florida.
right now.
and i'm getting paid for it.

tiiiiiiight see you tomorrow night!

18 February, 2008


i'm really worried about my bun. he hasn't been eating regularly and he is becoming quite skinny. fuuuuck.
art by jackie tileston

15 February, 2008

far out man

i just got to thinking about how weird it is that we are trained at a somewhat young age to be proficient in keyboarding. what a weird thing to know. in my mind i know where each key is on this weird board thing for different numbers and letters and i can type messages electronically without even thinking about it.

to think about all of the things one does without even realizing, weeeeeeeird!

11 February, 2008


this guy makes real life models of dodo birds and then photographs them in their natural environment. socute!

also, i think nico was the most beautiful woman. sighh.

09 February, 2008

yeah, yup

yesterday was great and so was the day before that.

i recently got an internship helping this photographer named misty keasler. i like the issues that she touches on in her photographs, and i am super excited to work with her and get to know her. she is going to be in guatemala this week so i will be starting next wednesday.

luv u.

06 February, 2008


things have been going surprisingly well lately. i am super excited about my future (and scared too but i think thats pretty expected). i am currently trying to get a photo assistant internship with this totally awesome artist named misty keasler (www.mistykeasler.com). also i am super pumped about my senior show, which will be taking place at the end of this semester. i got together with my professor dornith today and told her the idea i had about doing an instillation piece, which is to display my photographs in raised boxes on the ground. not only was she also really excited about the idea, she gave me some really helpful tips, for example to display them not only on the ground but in a domestic setting with a rug (most exciting part) and maybe other things?? so awesome!! i finally came up with a firm idea for my body of work. its so relieving knowing exactly what it is that you are trying to portray in your art and having no second guesses when people ask you what it is about. i've never had that. if you're interested you can read the artist's statement below:

During the summer of 2007 something amazing happened to me; I found the greatest group of people, and the only people who I have ever been able to consider my true friends. My current body of work is inspired by and dedicated to them. By photographing these inspirational and life changing individuals I am hoping to keep them in my thoughts forever. I wish for them to be seen by the viewer in a way that they cannot see themselves. By giving a perspective that typically leaves one with a feeling of disconnect from the subject I intend to intimate these situations. I aspire to leave each moment open for the viewer to decide where or how he or she fits into the equation. This project is a glimpse into my life without me in it.

i have so many people to thank for the joy i'm feeling right now. it couldn't be much better.

oh! and also, i just remembered. jordan is going to make me a website, and its going to be so totally awesome. i'm really REALLY excited about that!

01 February, 2008


i finally was able to get some soldering done yesterday. as it turns out i wasn't leaving the heat on long enough and was giving up too easily. oh well. i'm going to be in the metals lab all day today trying to get my earrings done. i'm hoping i can so that i don't have to go tomorrow, because who wants to do that on saturday? i am really enjoying my printmaking class, my teacher is a slight douche and tells really lame jokes all the time but for him it works, actually kinda like the guy, or, i have this fondness for him.

i never mentioned that the neighbors car exploded last weekend. he was trying to change the battery (not well) and then he started it and it caught on fire. then apparently something shot out from under the hood and there was a flame thrower from the front of the car into their garage door. i wasn't out there when this happened, clint and daphne told me about it, but from inside i hear this terrible explosive noise and i cant lie, i thought cloverfield was about to really happen. i go out when i hear sirens and turns out there is a fire truck right in front of my house. i look to my right and maybe 20 feet from me there is a car on fire. it was the shit. dude sucks.

well its time for class now. i cant wait until its 6:00.