22 September, 2008

attention texans,

mark your calenders. i will be in texas from december 23 until january 4th for a little christmas vacation! which means i'll be there for new years eve!!!!!
i know that things will be getting much better soon.

18 September, 2008

17 September, 2008


i don't remember much from my dream last night, except i vividly recall walking into my parent's house finding you on the couch. upon inquiring further, i find that you are there hanging out with my mom.

11 September, 2008


so, landon's dream blog has left me making it a conscious effort to try and remember my dreams. a couple of nights ago i thought really hard about it right before i went to sleep, hoping that it would somehow trigger something after i fell asleep (i used to do this when i was younger, think really hard about what i wanted to have dreams about, which worked sometimes). this has just been causing me to have really weird dreams which i only remember parts of. like that night i woke up in the middle of the night remembering a dream, but i was still half asleep and could not even begin to figure out where paper and a pen were to write it down, so the only thing i woke up remembering was lauren saying to me "you had better dust your shoes off".

however, last night i had one that i do remember. it was just like we were in denton, except it was here. a bunch of us had decided to go to canada, for a show i think. in my car was me, madison, jason, darcy, and landon, and in lauren's car was jesse, bass, zeigler, and other people who i can not remember. on our way home we stopped at taco bell for a fourth meal, and then hit the road once more. at some point we came across what looked like a terrible accident. i parked, which seemed like the natural thing to do, and got out of the car to see what was going on. on the right shoulder of the road was a pickup truck with a little dog in the back of it just staring down looking sad. then right in front of the passenger side rear tire was a black crow and a hedgehog. everyone seemed to be fearing for the hedgehog's life, and immediately i did too, however, upon my arrival everything seemed fine again and the hedgehog escaped from the crow and started running around in the grass along the highway. all of these little girls were trying to catch him, but he kept narrowly escaping their grabby hands. i thought to myself, i can deal with this, and sat down in the grass. the hedgehog ran straight over to me and i said to him, "you must be hungry". he seemed to agree, at which point i found myself totally blank on what a hedgehog would eat. so i just started feeding him everything, which he didn't really have a problem with. first was the tortilla from whatever taco bell i had eaten, which i found conveniently in my pocket. then i tried a leaf, which he seemed hesitant to eat at first, but eventually went for, and last i fed him a tomato, which happened to be right next to me with a knife to cut it in two. we were best friends, and everyone was amazed. then i woke up.

01 September, 2008

discovery park

we discovered.

this is the latest i have stayed up in quite some time. since texas for sure. casey and lauren are napping but i cant sleep. we have to leave at 4am to take casey to the airport and i have opted to stay up and wait. i am feeling uneasy.

buttttttt, lauren and i are starting a video blog, and i CANT WAIT. click!!!!