21 December, 2008


just finished getting packed up. i leave for texas tomorrow at 11:55pm. mom is picking me up at 5:45am, isn't she lucky??? it snowed all night and it has been snowing all day, which kind of worries me about flying out tomorrow, but i hear its supposed to clear up. last night a bus got stuck in the ice in front of my apartment and from my bedroom window (where i was often standing just to watch the snow fall) it looked like the bus could ram into our apartment at any second. i cant wait to be home. today i am so anxious it hurts.

18 December, 2008


this morning i woke up at 6:00am to take lauren to the airport. when i went to the window i could see that everything was covered in snow. the drive there took forever, but luckily i know a good deal about driving in the ice and snow so we didn't slide around too much. it took me about two hours to get home, but it was relaxing to sit there and watch the snow fall down. i called into work. i may go sledding later with victoria. apparently they close down one of the really hilly roads and people go sledding on it. this weekend will be so strange without lauren, its been a while since we spent this much time apart. i cant wait to be in texas on tuesday!