25 March, 2009


little bit from my trip to texas and then back to seattle.

sxnw from monét on Vimeo.

04 March, 2009


its been fried food and handy work.

03 March, 2009

what i do: updated edition

so as most of you know, a couple of weeks ago i was promoted at my job from warehouse associate to photographer for the website. we update our website every monday, and there is officially stuff i've done on the site so i thought i would share.
so basically i have been shooting these pearl strands. i shoot the whole strand first, measure an inch and then drop the ruler in on photoshop. then i have to take one off the strand and get the through the hole shot. i am enjoying the change of pace.
but mostly i'm really REALLY looking forward to this weekend.

01 March, 2009

i'm feelin it

yesterday i had the window in my bedroom cracked most of the day. it was quite brisk and the smell and feeling i got from this reminded me of chilly nights spent in denton with the windows open.

also, we have decided on a route that we will be taking on our journey to sxsw (and hxhf). seattle to portland to boise to twin falls to salt lake city to kanab to flagstaff to albuquerque to amarillo to denton. i am so excited about seeing this part of the country. and i am super super excited to be going to this journey with three people who mean a whole lot to me. ONLY TWO WEEKS!