25 February, 2010


just remembered this:
last night daniel and i were talking and out of nowhere he says "hey, next time you make me a shirt with your face on it could you make it like one of those cat shirts and have your face in the front and your ponytail on the back or something?" totally serious.

i am glad that these things are just expected to happen. regularity is key.

18 February, 2010

shopping spree

it seems like i've been on a shopping spree for the last two days. maybe its because i came down with strep throat and am trying to make myself feel better by buying things? who knows...

first off i bought a plane ticket to go visit lauren as well as all of my other friends in seattle. i'll be staying for almost a week and i am super stoked! i figure, i had previously planned on buying a ticket for march anyway and just because the destination changed doesn't mean i cant go somewhere, right?!
secondly i was browsing the levi's website earlier today and noticed that they have a few items on sale for $40 and under (check it out, ladies!). i fell in love with this pair of pants and had to buy them; looking forward to their arrival in 3-6 business days and ready to tuck many of my favorite shirts into them!

i hope everyone is doing well. i am so ready for summer that it almost hurts.

05 February, 2010

i might be

too convincing as a man... haha

02 February, 2010

wind in my ears

i want to live in a community where i share things with others to utilize potential, where i can make huge meals every day to feed; i don't want to be stingy and keep my talents, ambitions, and belongings to myself. i want to make a living working with a group to provide a service where we each get to express ourselves by being involved in something we are proud of and don't think of as work because it is so satisfactory to us. the only problem is that i have no idea how to go about doing this. it seems like i am the only person who actually believes this can happen and is willing to do a bit of sacrificing to get it done.

i miss my friends even though some of them are right next to me. i spend most of my time wishing that i wasn't so passionate about things and that i didn't care so much because its wearing me thin and at the moment i'm very lost as to what to do about it. i am in the process of teaching myself how to rely on others less for my self satisfaction and learning to live for myself. i feel as if i'm on the verge of finding something.