30 January, 2008


i cant wait for it to be warm again.
the warmth reminds me of good things.

29 January, 2008

happy birthday darcy;

i love you, and i hope that i can give you hugs forever.
i hope you have an amazing day, you deserve it!!!

25 January, 2008

can this be true??

let the good times roll on
through these first few desperate hours;

everything is so great right now: i am feeling so inspired, i feel like i can do anything, i feel at home and happy.
i love my family.
i love my friends.
thank you.

23 January, 2008

ten artists:

for my relief printing class we were asked to create a powerpoint showcasing ten artists which "your work bears similarity to, or has been influenced by". i thought it would be interesting to share this with you as well. i hope you enjoy.

1. sally mann

2. Esteban Pastorino-Diaz

3. Loretta Lux

4. Edward Burtynsky

5. Jerry Burchfield

6. Ada Augustyniak

7. Stephen Shore

8. Martina Mullaney

9. Steven B. Smith

10. Indiana Caba

how beautiful;;

other than being a little sick, i really cant complain.

16 January, 2008

this semester for me,

is going to be fun but very time consuming. so far i've just kind of hated not being able to see everyone during the week and have been pretty bored. luckily i've been able to get some extra sleep, which is nice seeing as how i think i'm coming down with the sickness. i've been worrying about things that i probably shouldn't be. but mostly i'm looking forward to my last semester, making a lot of art work, and am terrified about the unknown future that is constantly looming in my mind. one thing i'm for sure looking forward to is the trip to austin this weekend. i get to see:

10 January, 2008

totally sweet!

totally looking forward to:
all of my bffs returning/coming this weekend.
this being my last semester of college wooo!

seattle (+portland), day3

seattle (+portland), day3 from monet on Vimeo.

06 January, 2008

seattle, WA

well, i got back from seattle yesterday. wow! it was so much more than i had anticipated. i literally think i just had the best week in my life. it felt so natural being there. the first two days we were there everything was bright, sunny, and perfect. i pretty much knew right off the bat that i will be moving to this place as soon as i possibly can.

everyone was so nice, and everything was so mossy and adorable. there are so many things to do outside there, the food was all so delicious, the people could actually drive, and the rain was something that i find very relaxing and exhilarating. luckily we stayed with people who i know i will definitely have waiting to befriend me when i move there. one of the guys that we stayed with actually thanked madison and i for staying at their house.

seeing all the teenage cool kids/koji kondo boys (+ jesse) was so surreal. the show on new years eve night was totally awesome, and i danced pretty hard regardless of the fact that i didn't really know many others in the crowd. we followed the boys to portland for their new years day show and even though not that many people showed up i had a total blast. then that night we stayed with two guys who had also come to the show. they had a really cute dog, and lots of room for people to sleep. i woke up at like 8 in the morning to a chorus of snores and 10 really sleepy babies. that morning was so perfect, i never wanted it to end.

now i'm back and i'm really missing a lot of people. i cant wait until everyone is back and here and i get to see them all again. the stories will be endless. ahhhhhh!