27 June, 2008

just some thoughts,

bradley, you take beautiful photographs. i must admit that at the time of this photograph i was hoping you would take one, and you did, and you captured that moment perfectly in my opinion. :)

i'm leaving tomorrow to go visit whitney in sour lake. i am very very excited. i am also still anxiously waiting for my first roll of film from my new mamiya to be ready. i have to make myself forget about it because i'm so excited.

21 June, 2008


my fisheye has a light leak, but i've kind of been enjoying the end results.

i love this kitten so much. he has the greatest personality, i can tell he remembers me when i'm there, and he loves falling asleep in your arms. i spend most of my time wishing i was hanging out with shaq.

there is little over a month until lauren and i move. i am nervous/anxious/worried/excited/devastated/terrified/enthralled/a million other feelings. i know i have to go. i want to go! its just getting to the point where i know i have to savor every second of my time or else i will regret it. i long to be far from all of you so that i can mail you letters and packages and always have the hope of seeing you again soon. also, if i start crying a lot please don't be alarmed.

16 June, 2008


my parent's 25th wedding anniversary is on wednesday. my dad is going all out he is re proposing with a new ring. he has never done anything like this for her before, and i can't wait to see the expression on her face.

15 June, 2008

i'm with bradley on this one,

ryan mcginley is the bomb!

13 June, 2008

in seattle i'd like to live in a place like this.

so far this summer i have been lucky enough to have:
streptococcal pharyngitis

i hope to be done being sick after this latest outbreak.

08 June, 2008


i guess for me this summer is all about catching up on any sleep i ever lost during my entire time at college. i don't know why but the past two nights i have been going to bed at 9:30pm and waking up around 10:30. i mean, i'm not complaining. i'm totally fine with staying in on weekends.

also, i'm not quite sure why internet shopping exists, but i've unleashed the buying beast inside of myself and it needs to be stopped.

02 June, 2008

oh my