29 July, 2009

me 2day wednesday july 29th

i am making this face because i don't know where my glasses are/it feels like a sauna in my apartment right now/just caught a breeze though through my window/been packing up my stuff so lauren can move into my room/working 6:30am-3:00pm tomorrow/putting in my notice at work on friday/lots going on/excited about august/the arrival of friends starting saturday/so many friends XD

28 July, 2009

sunday night

nobunny show at the funhouse. great time. from this dude thanks random dude!

26 July, 2009

21 July, 2009

i'm guessing this is what breaking up feels like?

18 July, 2009

life as of late

just read something that made me embarrassed/texts that are actually too creepy from friends/my friend preston and his little bro will be in town tonight hangin !/nervous and anxious about moving/might be (hopefully) putting my notice in at work next week/i want to go swimming today/just realized i cant even go swimming bummer.

15 July, 2009

new additions

benny and penny, respectively. my cats will be with me forever now, amen.

12 July, 2009

oh boy

i recently got a new phone which has lots of crazy and awesome camera capabilities. last night i was playing with it until i couldn't stand to be awake anymore - there are endless possibilities.

in other news: i have decided that it would be in my best interest at this point to move back in with my folks. so yes, i will be moving back to texas sometime in september (working things out still). there i will be trying to save some money and hopefully get the etsy shop that i keep talking about up and going for real. i have enjoyed my time here in seattle very much, and it has helped me to achieve things i didn't think possible, but i miss my home. xo

08 July, 2009


how i missed you. my latest trip gave me a new excited feeling deep inside:

thoughts of gardens and huge meals are running through my mind.