30 May, 2009

mr. fabulous

i'm high class y'all

24 May, 2009

friday for lunch

we went to a park nearby and sat amongst the trees.

18 May, 2009

3 things:

1. how to convert a two bedroom apartment into a three bedroom.

2. look forward to our etsy opening really soon.

3. great day perfect shorts weather spent with my roomie bros. yay!

16 May, 2009


is super sunny/i am trying to get things done/lauren and i should be opening our etsy shop VERY soon/taking product pictures today/need to call my dad/going to spray paint things on the balcony. hope everyone is having a great day!

14 May, 2009

:D :D

i love video chats with my buds! <3

12 May, 2009

what i do: part three

as you may know i work for a thriving online company that sells craft supplies both in a retail store and online. each week i am assigned a different combination of the photos shown above in the picture. the big picture is called the main shot, and this one is my first solo (no help) main shot live on the site. every monday all of these pictures change, its kind of crazy. mostly i spend a lot of time using photoshop and make a lot of white backgrounds. snuck this:

10 May, 2009

today i'm

missin fun in the sun with my homebros.

08 May, 2009


TGIFpanda sweater/wanna crawl back in bed/lauren made me watch twilight last night/so glad its the weekend and PAYDAY!

04 May, 2009

what a year does

we finally did it

i cant believe it took us this long, but we finally managed to get the full twin peaks experience. we geared up in the most twin peaks-y outfits we could muster and set out. had cherry pie and coffee, black, at the double R which is called twede's cafe IRL and is tweety bird themed. let me tell you agent dale cooper is no liar! this was without a doubt the best damn cherry pie i've ever had.

i had a lovely day.