26 August, 2008


today when i got home from work i went into lauren's room and sat down on her bed then eventually worked my way to laying down. she kept asking me questions or making suggestions to provoke me to go into my room. i was just like "damn woman, i just got off werk" and then through the door walks casey. at first thought i was like, oh casey is here. then i remembered where i was and started freaking out. SO YEAH. casey managed to get all the way here without lauren or i finding out. this is the best day of my life.

18 August, 2008

okay, i know that i post a lot...but i just always find something i want to share. i just found this picture, and i love it. daphne, lindsey, and i used to go on long walks last summer, right before we started meeting new people and right as the new occupants of 715 had moved in. as i walk around here i am reminded of these days and how my heart aches for them so.

now i'm off to watch synchronized swimming on the olympics!

this morning i applied for this job i found on craigslist. descrip: "fast-growing e-commerce business that offers a wide range of beads and beading supplies. We are hiring an order picker/product associate for our online warehouse in Seattle. The perfect candidate will have prior bead knowledge and the desire to learn more. This position includes picking orders for our online customers, accuracy verification of the orders prior to shipment, preparing products and restocking the warehouse, quality assurance of the products received from the vendor and shipping to the customer. "

this job comes with full benefits; medical, dental, and vision insurance PLUS vacation benefits.

about an hour after i sent the email a woman called and we had a phone interview. success! i have a real in person interview tomorrow morning at 9:30. sounds fun!

17 August, 2008

so i got a scanner primarily to be able to scan negatives, however, this function does not work and has not once since i've had the thing. i know of a way that i could have messed it up, but not like it matters because i can not return it. epson sells refurbished scanners for really cheap, and it turns out that the reason they are so affordable is because you can not return them if they do not work properly. oh well, i'll figure something out.

in other news, lauren and i have been going on lots of trips lately. check it out! heres us at yosemite national park.

15 August, 2008


i finally got a scanner! wooo! expect new things and new old things. check out these two partyin in the bathroom!

13 August, 2008


what a day that was.

11 August, 2008

job search

today i started my job search. so far today i have emailed two resumes to places that i found on craigslist, and i have two others to call tomorrow. i have also gone through the phone book and plan on visiting places on location to see if they are hiring. basically i am trying to find a job that i can enjoy as much as possible. my two choices today were 1. to work for this woman i'm guessing mass producing jewelry which she has designed, and i am hoping that my metals class will come in handy in getting me this job and 2. magic school and sports photography where i would specialize in kids, whether it be photographing individuals, class groups, sports, events, or DANCES! both sound highly entertaining to me. hopefully i hear back soon!

10 August, 2008

in case you were wondering

this is what the trip here was like.

08 August, 2008


about 4 months ago i started emailing photographers in seattle to try to get jobs or at least random assisting opportunities. only three of them told me to get ahold of them when i arrived here. one of them said to contact him sometime in september, so i am waiting to do that, and the other two said to just let them know when i got here. well, i sent them both an email saying that i am here now and that i would like to meet them if they were up for it. one guy responded, he told me to call him on his cell phone and we could meet up for coffee. i've never really "had coffee" with anyone before. i am so nervous to call him (going to do it tomorrow) and i'm even more nervous to meet him in the correct location at the correct time. ahhh! did i mention that i am NERVOUS?! i feel like my stomach is inching up my throat just thinking about it. anywayyy, here is what some of his work looks like.

06 August, 2008

new beginning

the weather here could not be more perfect. i'm afraid that i am getting spoiled by how beautiful it is. yesterday i went driving around and i looked up at the horizon and saw mountains. it made my heart burst with happiness. what a wonderful feeling! there is this one window in our apartment, more specifically in our kitchen that i could stand and look out forever. i'm waiting to get the perfect picture of that, and i haven't come close yet. someday though.

when i sit at my desk the wind blows in from my windows. i feel purely amazing sitting here. lauren and i have both just felt like we are still visitors here. having jesse and darcy here made it feel more like home, which made for a nice transition. i think about you all in texas all of the time, i am always somehow reminded of you daily.