27 April, 2009

things i like:

work in progress. i will post once mom heals - the colors will come out much brighter.

24 April, 2009


i love you so much and cant wait to see you again. i would give anything in the world to be spending your birthday with you currently. i hope your day is as special and beautiful as you are. :D

18 April, 2009

me 2 day saturday april eighteenth

garage sale/wanted to be friends with this cool older couple that came/going to a show tonight/my mom is coming to hang out she gets here on thursday/i got a $1 raise starting monday/i'm ok.

15 April, 2009

lil bruddah

i would like to proudly introduce you all to lil bruddah - my new best friend!! i am by no means skilled at using a sewing machine as my previous use was very basic, but he has still managed to get me through each thing i make with no issues whatsoever. i have been making things like crazy and hope to have out etsy shop up and running soon!

13 April, 2009


today i decided to call into work, because...who wants to go to work anyway? amirite? i have been laying in bed since 6:30 when i made the call drifting in and out of sleep having different dreams about what today will be like. each dream kept getting more and more awkward until i was face to face with a situation that i have been/am avoiding. i could feel how red my face was with embarrassment at being in this situation, i let the moment pass, went to sit in a small room to hide myself and then suddenly casey walked down the stairs, asking where her shirt was like we had never been apart. i took her in my arms and hugged her while i wept, and even though it was only a dream-that embrace was just what i needed. even in my dreams casey is a sign of peace and comfort, i miss her so much.

10 April, 2009

me 2 day friday april tenth

so glad its friday i only got through half of my thumbs up. hungover, kind of excited to go to work because my boss wont be there and i can do whatever i want, have two new (precious) friends from alabama (who are staying at our apartment right now), cuddled with benny this morning, hoping the clouds go away like yesterday, having an open apartment sale tomorrow at victoria's, thinking about what else this weekend has in store for me.

09 April, 2009


got this today. what does it mean?

04 April, 2009

02 April, 2009


left nostril is clogged, just spit tooth paste all over my hand when i was going for the sink, getting free pizza for lunch, leaving work at 12:30, wearing tom petty tour shirt, going to get film developed later, wishing there was sun, wanting to buy polaroid film in order to mail creepy photos to friends.