28 February, 2009

out takes

i recently came across a bunch of pictures on my computer, mostly ones from the last project i was working on in school (the friends that we've acquired). i have decided that i am going to start posting some of these, as they are rather fun to look at, and might be interesting for you to see the shots that never saw the light of day. but there are others as well, which brings me to today's pictures. out takes from when lauren and i shot our picture for christmas cards. too good to pass up.
haha at lauren's face!!! and penny's too.

22 February, 2009

21 February, 2009

too cute

went to see the dutchess and the duke and meth teeth last night, and we had a great time! its always weird running into people that you only kind of know, perhaps that you hung out with for one drunken night. most people just remember my name, so at least i have that. but i can understand them not recognizing me because i think that i look different now. i shook a hand and got "your hands are clammy" - tell me something i don't know, please.

19 February, 2009

julia pott illustrations

are great.
and i have a hot hot date tonight!
and i hope i feel better after that date, cuz i been straight buggin lately.
i have to stop pretending.

17 February, 2009

new job

today was my last day to work the warehouse part of my job, which means no more hours of counting. from here on out i am a light box using photoshop'n fool! today i shot these packets of cord, about 90 different colors/sizes. also my new supervisor was asking me about my tattoos earlier and i am pretty sure she thinks i am absolutely crazy. when i pulled up my sleeve to show her all of abe all she said was "thats huge". holla!

14 February, 2009

soon i will have a moustache

hilarious cover. i'm a fan.

12 February, 2009

i can fly!

so unfortunately i hardly ever have dreams that i remember. lauren and i have linked this to the fact that i almost always wake up naturally, therefore my REM cycles are over when i wake up, rather than being jolted awake by an alarm in the middle of a REM cycle, which is when you are most likely to remember the dreams. BUT early this morning i woke up literally LOLing, and then i realized why i was laughing and decided to get up and write the dream down. so i'm sitting by what seems to be the seattle waterfront at a cafe with bradley, whitney, darcy, jesse, and my friend lindsey from high school. somehow someone somewhere decides it would be a good idea to let darcy fly? so lindsey and darcy leave to go fly some kind of aircraft which later ends up looking to me like a speed boat. the rest of us are sitting at the cafe table, watching. she seems to be doing well until she flys over to the area of water we are sitting by. the "plane" suddenly begins to dive downward, and jesse and i exchange some very 'wtf is happening' looks. goes in the water, and comes out face first. a perfect dive. here i remember exactly what jesse's face looks like and i wake up LOLing.

11 February, 2009

to tempt you a little into watching this let me just say: pyramids at sunset reflected in water. it was enough for me, just sayin.

09 February, 2009

what i do

warehouse life:
today while filling an order at work i was inspired to show a little better what i do. i am sitting in a "station" with shelves full of long boxes which hold our products, which are marked by different number/letter combos. i get a long strip of stickers telling me which products have been ordered and how many and i roll around in my chair and listen to my ipod. this is what i spend most of my time doing.
then when i get bored i sometimes go to the bathroom and text a pic of myself in the mirror to someone. usually and mostly dz i guess. i probably have at least 20 of those pictures. great job.

08 February, 2009

art for living

yesterday we woke up early (we almost always do) and set to work cleaning our apartment as it was long overdue. the thing that i love about our apartment is that is a work of art: constantly changing and evolving into something else.

04 February, 2009

at long last

new glasses!!! no more tape no more falling apart no more no more!!!!! nothin but "my grandma has those glasses" lovin.

02 February, 2009


acid, booze, and ass
needles, guns, and grass
lots of laughs