31 December, 2009

me today: emo blog

if i've learned anything from the past few days its that all guys are the same, no matter how amazing they seem or how hard they try to wooo you. for years i have been trying to protect myself from this disappointment, and now i know the more they pursue at first the harder you will fall in the end. i will never again say "this guy, he's different". i know that some day i will be worth it to someone, but until then i'll just harden this outer shell of mine. i hope everyone has a happy and safe new years. see ya next year!

06 December, 2009

lazy sunday

today i've been working on babes united: issue two (should be out soon enough), gathering things to sell in a yard sale, and listening to records.

03 December, 2009

today's thoughts

i think that if you live in a place for most of your life you cant really fully appreciate that place until you have left for a while. this is the case for me at least. today i was riding my bike through the streets that used to be a part of my daily routine, and i started thinking about how there are people who would be amazed by what i was looking at. i am lucky because i love my home.