30 June, 2009


probably the hardest part about living so far from my home is how much i miss my parents. i couldn't ever ask for better parents, they are perfect. be seeing them tomorrow!

29 June, 2009

good morning

so excited for a change of pace in a couple of days. can hardly control my excitement.

27 June, 2009

what luck

yesterday victoria and i couldn't find the remote for the tv so she started an intensive search. first thing she pulled out was a fortune cookie fortune that read you will be rewarded for your efforts. we were hoping we would find a considerable amount of cash hidden in the couch, but no such luck. she did find the remote though!

04 June, 2009

me 2day thursday june fourth

lauren is trying to get dressed for an interview but can't decide so is sitting on my bed instead/i haven't put my hair in braid pigtails in a while/when i started growing out my hair again thats what i dreamt about most/having loooong braids/NOW I DO/so glad casey is back in the US/loving the beautiful sunny low 80's weather here in seattle!

01 June, 2009

booty resin

on most days during our lunch break victoria and i drive around and explore, or try to find something to do to occupy our time outside of the office. once we found this guy it has been hard not to continuously go back for more. the words booty resin are stenciled on the front. still puzzled by this...