30 November, 2008


sup? we have been having beautiful weather & i can hear my land lady "doing it" above me & thats real gross & less than a month until i'm in texas for a while & saw a queen laser show tonight & hanging out at the funhouse a lot & listening to lots of elo & drinking lots of coffee & eating lots of breakfast & making lots of things & plans. lots of excitement.

22 November, 2008

these days.

i am very in to taking really weird pictures of my face these days, i think they turn out nicely/busy making crafts and setting up an etsy account/we have someone who is interested in moving into a house with us/i think it would be awesome to live with her/one day i will work for myself/listening to a lot of joni mitchell/can't believe i get to see casey before i go to texas/SO READY to be in texas.

19 November, 2008

things they are a changin

1. lauren and i are hoping to bring about lots of change soon. we're both pretty tired of working for other people - we just wanna work for ourselves, ya know! so we are working on a business in which we will sell crafts and gently used items that we fix up from thrift stores. it goes: sell on etsy, then fremont sunday market, then real shop.
2. i have lost roughly twenty five pounds since moving here. i feel like a much different person.
3. i am wondering how christmas time will be; will things be different somehow?
4. next week i spend my first thanksgiving alone without family. (well not ALL alone i'll have lauren DUH). we'll be making tofurkey and all the side dishes it should be fun.
5. a new favorite of mine is wearing high waisted mom skirts. mm.

oh and....... CASEY WILL BE HERE SO SOON!!!

16 November, 2008

well yesterday we went to the seattle aquarium. woweee, check out that jellyfish ring. they had them running in a steady motion around and around like that. i took some pictures should have them on tuesday.

15 November, 2008


today is a wonderful day. it is bright and crisp and i can open my windows and sit on my balcony. i had just got done putting some new flannel sheets i bought yesterday in the washing machine down stairs when i stopped to get the mail on my way back up. usually i have been opening it to find nothing but junk mail or nothing at all. today when i opened it two small little envelopes fell out at the same time. one small white envelope from whitney and one square brown envelope from casey. i haven't stopped crying since, but i swear that they are not tears of sadness. i brought them up and just got done reading them while sitting outside in this amazing weather. this has been a great day! some things i am going to do today are: edit the two or three videos that have been waiting a long time for pathetic prophecies, write some letters, take some pictures around the area that i have been waiting for a sunny day to take, meet up with lauren and her mom and sister to go to the aquarium downtown. its going to be so great. lauren's mom, bonnie sue, asked me out of the blue this morning if i wanted her to make me some toast. i love moms. i wish great days for everyone!

ps. i just washed some towels that wax museums used when they stayed here in august. thats like...three months. OOPS

11 November, 2008


some things i noticed about portland:
they really like bloody marys and food carts. the train is pretty cool (wish we had one) but no one i was with really knew the bus system. there is a huge statue of paul bunyan which was installed by the boy scouts.

this weekend was just what i needed. i got to hang out with 4 other people from texas and talk about things that were familiar and compare our cities, and talk in fake texan accents. the people were so accommodating, they really wanted us to see things and to enjoy our stay. my heart was so happy. but now i have to go to work, which i don't want to do.

10 November, 2008

the raincoats

perfectly creep.

05 November, 2008


i feel blessed to be experiencing seasons. its really great. the only downfall is that when i go to work its still kind of dark, and when i leave work, at 5pm, it is pitch black. OHWELL!

thursday brings this:

03 November, 2008

great today,

and yet there is hope.