27 October, 2010

as of late

i've been particularly "into" four main things; friends, my pup, and halloween/mailing halloween packages. hope everyone is doing well :)

15 September, 2010


august 7, 2010:darcy hanging out with our two crazy pups. this is the last day of creeping on darcy (for now), i hope you have enjoyed this project.

13 September, 2010


august 6, 2010:making cookies.
tomorrow will be my last day of creeping on darcy.... for now anyway.

12 September, 2010


august 5, 2010:a (small part of) darcy's mug collection!

09 September, 2010

08 September, 2010


august 3, 2010:a sort of continuation of day twelve.

07 September, 2010


august 2, 2010:note the tiny pup at foot :)

06 September, 2010


august 1, 2010:the place where darcy can be found most often.

05 September, 2010


july 31, 2010:we started putting together this j.r.r. tolkein puzzle to make sure we had all of the pieces, and it resulted in a very short lives puzzle craze.

04 September, 2010


july 30, 2010:all we did for a good while.

02 September, 2010

01 September, 2010


july 28, 2010:a few days after i got florence :)

31 August, 2010


july 27, 2010:if darcy doesn't want to go to cool beans something is probably wrong. one of our most frequented spots during a weekend away.

30 August, 2010


july 26, 2010:this is the place where darcy and i got to know each other best. i was away for a weekend, and this was a no-brainer!

29 August, 2010


july 25, 2010:being a super creep!

28 August, 2010

27 August, 2010


july 23, 2010:this day we were celebrating our kitties birthdays!

26 August, 2010


july 22, 2010: for my birthday darcy made me this card, which was a pizza slice that folded out into a taco. :)

25 August, 2010


DAY ONE:in an effort to keep myself actively photographing i decided upon moving to austin that i would embark on a photo challenge; to capture my roommate darcy every day, whether it be a photograph of her, inspired by her, or reminiscent of her being in my mind - all without her knowing the photograph was being taken. originally i had hoped that i could keep this going for at least a month, and ambitiously dreamed of doing it for a whole year. the project only lasted two and a half weeks and i will be posting one a day until i am done. creeping on friends is fun (and i know she is a bit nervous about how these turned out, but i think she will be pleasantly surprised :)!

21 August, 2010

lately i have

lately i have been keeping busy with tidying the house, playing with florence, and listing more of my jewelry on etsy. darcy and i also recently finished issue of our zine, babes united, also available on etsy. hope everyone is well!

17 August, 2010

11 August, 2010

dream cats

a bit ago darcy made the suggestion that i submit a few of my cat photographs to this flickr group called little dream cats, which has a corresponding tumblr. today they posted this image of my beloved ghost cat (RIP), which happens to be the last photograph taken of him before his passing.

09 August, 2010

doing thangs

last night darcy and i stayed up until 3AM finally finishing BABES UNITED issue 2. i think they turned out great! they should be on our etsy soon; turns out that it is way harder than ever imagined to get ahold of colored legal size (8.5 x 14) paper in colors other than yellow, blue, or tan. i WILL have salmon colored zine covers, i demand! currently figuring it out.

today i have been adding a few lower priced items, check them out here! after i printed this set i realized that it almost exclusively has to do with whitney and bradley. ;)

in a bit i will be taking my new little baby florence to get her first set of puppy shots.
photograph by darcy

03 August, 2010

distance makes the heart grow fonder

today i am missing the HELL out my best friend.

29 July, 2010


today i am listing things on darcy's etsy. check it out!

20 July, 2010


would anyone be interested in buying an original print from my aerial series titled "the friends that we've acquired" for very cheap ($50)? each print is approximately 9.5 x 14 inches with a 1/1.5 inch white boarder around the image. there are far more images than this, which i am about to inventory so if you are interested please contact me for a full list. i am willing to ship for slightly more! thanks :)

28 June, 2010


its crazy how spot on this is!! taken from here

Have you met a Cancerian woman recently? Are you a little confused as to what she really is - chirpy, somber or distant? She is all of these and still, she is none of these. Even more confused? A Cancerian woman has mood swings every now and then and these are only a few of her mood swings. However, her basic personality traits remain the same. She is very sensitive, emotional, kind and caring. Now's the catch! Most of her traits will be hidden behind a shell of indifference and aloofness, breaking which will require quite a lot of effort.

You will have to gently coerce a Cancerian girl to get out of her shell and come into the big bad world without it. The best time to do this is in the moonlight, when there are maximum changes of catching her in her true emotions. When in love, she will be tender, womanly, timid and modest. She dislikes criticisms, can't stand rejection and gets deeply hurt by harsh words. Too much aggressiveness on your part may make her a little hesitant. She loves her mother, so you better learn to love as well as respect her too.

A Cancer woman will never make the first moves in a relationship; she only knows how to move backwards or sideways. This is because of two reasons, her shyness and her fear of being rejected. This female has some secrets and she won't like you prying around her personal diary. She is very insecure and will need your constant reassurance. It doesn't matter if she is the current 'Miss Universe' or has men drooling over her all the time, it is your attention and appreciation she would be the most concerned about.

You will have to learn to live with a Cancerian woman’s mood swings, which is not so difficult since she is so good in every other way. She is extremely loyal and will keep you happy with her warm and rich humor. Once she is committed to you, she will remain yours forever and ever. Adultery is not one of her traits. With a Cancerian woman, you will always have to be careful with words. She is very sentimental and can get hurt very easily. Then, she can cry like a 2-year old baby and you will be expected to console her and wipe her tears.

A Cancer female is a great cook and makes better food than a 5-star hotel chef. She is quite careful with money as well. Neither will she be stingy, nor totally extravagant. She has a habit of saving everything that is usable, be it money, old buttons or empty jars. She also saves things that have a sentimental value attached to them, like the sweater grandmother knitted on her fifth birthday. A Cancer female fiercely guards what is hers and that includes you too! However, she is not too possessive or jealous. But, she does not like sharing her love too.

She is one of those people who do not crib about bad luck. She will get depressed and may shed a few tears alone, but she will be patient and wait for the time to change again, this time in her favor. Almost all the Cancerians have the desire of being pampered like a child, especially when they feel low. Don't forget to pay your Cancer girl extra attention when she is depressed, otherwise she may retreat deeper into her shell. And then, it will be very difficult to bring her back to her normal self.

She will want to be told time and again that she is still desirable and you still need her. However, she is not weak and is completely capable of looking after herself. In fact, she is one of those who sacrifice all that they have, for their loved ones. She just needs some spoiling after every few days. A Cancerian woman may be fragile as far as her feelings are concerned, but when you need her, she will be as strong as the 'Rock of Gibraltar'. She will also be very protective of her children and make them feel completely secure.

Kids will be the center of her universe and she will pamper them with her love, affection and care. The children will also be very close to her and no matter how much far they go from home, they will come back to her and she will know this. A Cancer female always needs you, but she will never get too aggressive. She knows that you may leave for a while, to follow your dreams, but in the end, she is the one you will come back to. Then, you will find her as charming as before, waiting for you with freshly baked bread and hot soup. She will feed you, listen to your worries and make you smile again! Need anything more?

24 June, 2010

trying out a new color: turquoise

i gave up bleaching at some point, so the strip that goes all the way down turned out a sort of pickle green color. not as in love with this as i was the yellow, but it is growing on me.

22 June, 2010

just creepin

i am loving this house more and more each day.

17 June, 2010

backyard love affair

one of the things i'm really loving about living in austin is getting to know charlie (my doggie roommate), as well as watching him develop into a polite and well mannered gentleman. he loves the backyard, as he rightfully should!

08 June, 2010

the almighty

today i tried salvadorian food for the first time. it was deeeelicious! i got the cheese papusa plate and let me tell you if you have never had/don't know what a papusa is you should check it out sometime, very yummy! in the meantime, i am just here...trying my best to keep austin weird.

07 June, 2010

heaven or my backyard?

well i've been in austin for almost a week now and i am rapidly falling in love with my new home as well as my new city. yesterday darcy and i cleaned up the front yard and planted a variety of flowers and herbs right by our front porch. i'm pretty sure i live in paradise! more here

11 May, 2010

02 May, 2010

application pending

at this charming lil place in austin, texas. plenty of room for a large workspace and a huge backyard for bbqs and the like. cant wait to actually be there!

08 April, 2010


yesterday my mom, sister, and i went on a 3.2 mile walk and came across some true texan livestock. i love my state, y'all! yeeeeehaw
this guy was a big ole baby

07 April, 2010

16th tattoo

6th tattoo with a friend attached

30 March, 2010