31 December, 2009

me today: emo blog

if i've learned anything from the past few days its that all guys are the same, no matter how amazing they seem or how hard they try to wooo you. for years i have been trying to protect myself from this disappointment, and now i know the more they pursue at first the harder you will fall in the end. i will never again say "this guy, he's different". i know that some day i will be worth it to someone, but until then i'll just harden this outer shell of mine. i hope everyone has a happy and safe new years. see ya next year!

06 December, 2009

lazy sunday

today i've been working on babes united: issue two (should be out soon enough), gathering things to sell in a yard sale, and listening to records.

03 December, 2009

today's thoughts

i think that if you live in a place for most of your life you cant really fully appreciate that place until you have left for a while. this is the case for me at least. today i was riding my bike through the streets that used to be a part of my daily routine, and i started thinking about how there are people who would be amazed by what i was looking at. i am lucky because i love my home.

15 November, 2009


a while after we arrived at oriental garden today for lunch i realized that i was the only girl and that i was with 12 dudes. luckily marisol and payton showed up and made it a 2 to 13 ratio. haha... then they wanted to go see a movie and they were running a little late so i said i would drop them off on my way home. i felt like such a mom.

08 November, 2009

, moms

so far i am really enjoying being back at my parent's house. mom always comes in and pets the cats on my bed.

22 October, 2009


got my bedroom mostly set up and organized just the way i want it (very close anyway). :D

18 October, 2009

27 September, 2009

true love

i've been back in texas for three weeks now, and i am having an absolutely wonderful time. having friends the way that i do is a concept that before my year away i completely took for granted. it wasn't until i was in a new place trying to make new friends that i was informed, in a way, that most people don't have friendships as deep and meaningful...and especially not in groups so large. the people in seattle thought lauren and i were strange because of how friendly we are and how willing we were to help people we "didn't even know". being back around people who assume we'll see each other every day and being back in a place where complete strangers talk to me everywhere i go is an insanely uplifting feeling.

03 September, 2009

30 August, 2009

i have

an empty room and some confused kittens.

28 August, 2009

20 August, 2009




a list of places i intend to visit upon my return to texas:
houston area

anyone up for a trip and/or visit?

16 August, 2009


i have been listening to this song on repeat since friday! too good. also tried for about an hour to find out how to put mine and lauren's faces in this instead of those other chicks...but apparently you cant anymore, BOO! guess you'll just have to imagine.

in other news.....

14 August, 2009


benz is tooooo hungry to pose for our friday picture. hope everyone has a GR8 day!

13 August, 2009

missing you

i knew this little guy for almost all of his short lived time here with us. he was born in the closet of a house i had lived in previously; the very closet that my own cats were raised in. once introduced we became quick friends. he loved to chase the sound my nails made across the back of the futon, he liked to perch on my shoulder, and i knew the exact position to place him in to instantly make him fall asleep. he would sleep, purring, in my arms for hours. when there were large parties and he was locked up in his dad's room i would feel bad for him and carry him around in the side pockets of whatever dress i was wearing. he would never try to escape. after moving away i always wondered if he would remember me. during my last visit home in early july i went to see him. daniel suggested to me that he may be in the back yard so i started yelling his name, and as i walked around the side of the house calling to him he stood up and started running to me, chirping. he remembered! his death was unjust, undeserved, and for some reason weighs heavily on me tonight as i lay trying to drift into sleep. i love you shaq and i will spend forever missing you.

09 August, 2009

gonna be missin my baby

been trying to get our things organized for lauren to move into my room/since its bigger/i am looking forward to helping her set up her new space/two more weeks of work/excited/nervous.

07 August, 2009


ps i'm sorry for the mess
(also thanks darcy for capturing my inner evil)

03 August, 2009


i never ever thought that i could be this excited about moving back in with my parents.....
but here i am dorkily planning and daydreaming of lots of things that i am super excited about. first i am going to paint my bedroom, because my parents FINALLY said i could. then i am going to work on starting a garden with my mom and maybe do a little composting. i am also going to teach my cats how to use the toilet, buy a bike which i hope to ride from aubrey to denton at least once hopefully more times than that, play lots of wii, and start working on a few projects with friends that had previously been pushed aside. cant wait to see all my besties too xoxo.

29 July, 2009

me 2day wednesday july 29th

i am making this face because i don't know where my glasses are/it feels like a sauna in my apartment right now/just caught a breeze though through my window/been packing up my stuff so lauren can move into my room/working 6:30am-3:00pm tomorrow/putting in my notice at work on friday/lots going on/excited about august/the arrival of friends starting saturday/so many friends XD

28 July, 2009

sunday night

nobunny show at the funhouse. great time. from this dude thanks random dude!

26 July, 2009

21 July, 2009

i'm guessing this is what breaking up feels like?

18 July, 2009

life as of late

just read something that made me embarrassed/texts that are actually too creepy from friends/my friend preston and his little bro will be in town tonight hangin !/nervous and anxious about moving/might be (hopefully) putting my notice in at work next week/i want to go swimming today/just realized i cant even go swimming bummer.

15 July, 2009

new additions

benny and penny, respectively. my cats will be with me forever now, amen.

12 July, 2009

oh boy

i recently got a new phone which has lots of crazy and awesome camera capabilities. last night i was playing with it until i couldn't stand to be awake anymore - there are endless possibilities.

in other news: i have decided that it would be in my best interest at this point to move back in with my folks. so yes, i will be moving back to texas sometime in september (working things out still). there i will be trying to save some money and hopefully get the etsy shop that i keep talking about up and going for real. i have enjoyed my time here in seattle very much, and it has helped me to achieve things i didn't think possible, but i miss my home. xo

08 July, 2009


how i missed you. my latest trip gave me a new excited feeling deep inside:

thoughts of gardens and huge meals are running through my mind.

30 June, 2009


probably the hardest part about living so far from my home is how much i miss my parents. i couldn't ever ask for better parents, they are perfect. be seeing them tomorrow!

29 June, 2009

good morning

so excited for a change of pace in a couple of days. can hardly control my excitement.

27 June, 2009

what luck

yesterday victoria and i couldn't find the remote for the tv so she started an intensive search. first thing she pulled out was a fortune cookie fortune that read you will be rewarded for your efforts. we were hoping we would find a considerable amount of cash hidden in the couch, but no such luck. she did find the remote though!

04 June, 2009

me 2day thursday june fourth

lauren is trying to get dressed for an interview but can't decide so is sitting on my bed instead/i haven't put my hair in braid pigtails in a while/when i started growing out my hair again thats what i dreamt about most/having loooong braids/NOW I DO/so glad casey is back in the US/loving the beautiful sunny low 80's weather here in seattle!

01 June, 2009

booty resin

on most days during our lunch break victoria and i drive around and explore, or try to find something to do to occupy our time outside of the office. once we found this guy it has been hard not to continuously go back for more. the words booty resin are stenciled on the front. still puzzled by this...

30 May, 2009

mr. fabulous

i'm high class y'all

24 May, 2009

friday for lunch

we went to a park nearby and sat amongst the trees.

18 May, 2009

3 things:

1. how to convert a two bedroom apartment into a three bedroom.

2. look forward to our etsy opening really soon.

3. great day perfect shorts weather spent with my roomie bros. yay!

16 May, 2009


is super sunny/i am trying to get things done/lauren and i should be opening our etsy shop VERY soon/taking product pictures today/need to call my dad/going to spray paint things on the balcony. hope everyone is having a great day!

14 May, 2009

:D :D

i love video chats with my buds! <3

12 May, 2009

what i do: part three

as you may know i work for a thriving online company that sells craft supplies both in a retail store and online. each week i am assigned a different combination of the photos shown above in the picture. the big picture is called the main shot, and this one is my first solo (no help) main shot live on the site. every monday all of these pictures change, its kind of crazy. mostly i spend a lot of time using photoshop and make a lot of white backgrounds. snuck this:

10 May, 2009

today i'm

missin fun in the sun with my homebros.

08 May, 2009


TGIFpanda sweater/wanna crawl back in bed/lauren made me watch twilight last night/so glad its the weekend and PAYDAY!