28 November, 2007


i simply can not wait. [secret santa]
and i have nothing to complain about. [see above]

26 November, 2007

did a lot of video chatting today,

it was way more fun than studying!

22 November, 2007

oh my god!

as some of us have recently discussed, there are some people who are trying to protest the new The Golden Compass movie. as i told you before when i read them as a kid my best friend's mom accused me of trying to get her daughter to read satanistic books. haha, so today i just logged into facebook and look what i found. i thought this was hilarious!

thats her alright. haha.

also, i think you all should know that my video taking rein is over. yesterday i got my camera out of my purse to take pictures of how adorable we were being, and the screen doesn't work at all anymore. i have no idea how this happened, but i no longer have a means of taking videos. :[

anywayyyyy, i hope everyone is having an okay time with their families. miss all of you, and see you soon!!

19 November, 2007

I think today I finally became motivated in regards to school. Wow great, motivated with only a few weeks left, haha. The feeling will probably pass by at least tomorrow, so i'm going to try to get a lot of things done today.

I wish that school only consisted of my photography classes. That would make my life so much easier, and me so much happier also.

photo by Esteban Pastorino Diaz (who totally rules by the way)

18 November, 2007

[ ]

sometimes I really just cant wait to get out of denton.
today is one of those days.

16 November, 2007

14 November, 2007

this is what i do in school,

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hang out with cool people.
so why do i hate it so much?

13 November, 2007

and also just for fun,

the death cab for cutie cover of the same song.
there is not a real video for this song, but i found this one and thought it was semi-appropriate.

dear morrisey,

will you please marry me?


12 November, 2007

this morning i woke up in arkansas;

it was great. it was nice to get out of texas for a while. this is the only picture i took. i just realized that i am seriously avoiding studying for my test tomorrow.

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05 November, 2007

i've been out walking;

having cats to cuddle with in cold weather,
weekly planned activities with friends,
house shows at 715,
young mc,

not cool:
stinky cat litter boxes,
possibly having a stomach ulcer and all that that entails,
being too afraid to do things in life that you want to.