23 July, 2008


i feel like i've got aliens living in my belly.

19 July, 2008

mind blowing.

my cats are freaking out because they know something is going on. watching the house empty out has been very strange. as of sunday i will basically be living here by myself. the official leaving day is the 28th of july. we will be having a bbq at my parent's house on the 27th as a farewell. things are so final, its blowing my mind. i wont even realize that it has happened until i am already there.
i did have a great day at the dallas world aquarium today with my family. i am going to miss them so much.

11 July, 2008


as of august 1st you will officially have a place to stay for all of your northwest needs!!! we are the newest residents of the libby manor apartments.

it has a LARGE living room so we will be expecting lots of guests!! you can see puget sound from the street we live on. while we were looking at the place we could hear an ice cream truck happily driving by. we don't NEED central heat and air! we are right down the street from a buddhist temple. there is a bus stop to downtown right out our front door. from the street you will be able to call up to our apartment so we can buzz you on in. ahhhh so many exciting things!!

06 July, 2008

i expected something different, somehow.

i'll be going to seattle on tuesday. thank god i'll have a chance to get away from the crazy things happening here. my stomach is churning.

but also, i have something to look forward to, a break from the heat! and no signs of rain.

01 July, 2008

good weekend

i had a great weekend relaxing with whitney. she apparently thought it was boring but i thought it was great. :) i have never had so much one on one whitney time and i think it was just what i needed. i didn't take any cameras with me on the trip, which i regretted immediately. i did mess around with the camera on my phone a little bit to see what effects i could get. a few examples:
the only thing i was even kind of upset about was the fact that we didn't get any documentation of our tandem ride around town. we got so many weird looks, we even got holler'd at! haha! i somehow have a busy few days ahead of me. everything is happening so fast. i'll be headed to seattle in a week to find a place to live. then it will be official, wow!