20 May, 2011

the chain drive

let me set this up for you. i went to see tense play last night. their opening act was two girls doing some s+m play. when they were finished i went to the bathroom which was one room with two toilets side by side and a sink. one of the girls who was wearing only the smallest g-string i've ever seen and white duct tape in upside down crosses over her nipples was in there cleaning the fake blood off of herself. i tried to walk out but she told me to come on in, so i said "i am going to pee while you're doing that." i then questioned her further about her fake blood use and was assured that it was easy to clean off. after i was done with my business i left but i can't remember what i said to her before i made my exit.

i'm pretty convinced that my life isn't real.

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inverter said...

good song.....